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  • The following files will help you with this class:

  • This class is centered around research. Your assignment will be set next week, and will be based around explaining to a group of junior software engineers the features and functions of a website. Start to think about what you will tell them. Below is a list of a few things to consider:

    • Server Technologies:
    • How does a server host a site? What are the costings involved?
    • Is there a restriction on file sizes/upload speed/access speeds for different servers? Will you get more if you pay more, or would something like Github be sufficient?

    • Website Creation Techniques:
    • What tools and software are used to develop websites? Look at some existing sites. Can you figure out how they’re written and maintained?
    • How heavily would the techniques used depend on the business? How much does a site cost? And what different types of site can you have?

    • Front-end and Back-end:
    • Research the terms ‘front-end’ and ‘back-end’. Which part of the website do each of these groups of people maintain?

    • Databases:
    • What are databases used for? How are they managed?

    • Security:
    • How is security performed on a website? If there is a password field, how is this handled so that your data is secure?
      • NB: This is not easy. Don’t be worried if you don’t understand what you read - it’s complicated for a reason!!

    • How is a website maintained? How do you upload files to a website?

    • Content Management System:
    • Find out what a Content Management System is and why it’s useful. We will cover this in a whole class, but it would be useful for you to get ahead before we do!

    • Other Features:
    • Are there any other interesting features of a website which are not mentioned here? List and discuss them here.

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