This page contains instructions for creating an account on CoCalc, to enable you to run Python files for this course.

Creating and Running a CoCalc Account:

  • Go to this link - CoCalc - Collaborative Calculation in the Cloud

  • Click Run CoCalc.

  • Choose a sign in method. I used Github, since you have already created a Github account for this course.

  • Once you have signed in, click Create New Project and give it a title.

  • Download the file below:

  • Example Notebook

  • Click Create or upload files.

  • Scroll to Upload files and find the file you just donwloaded. It should be named intro.ipynb.

  • Scroll up and click Files in the top left corner.

  • Open the intro.ipynb file.

  • You should see a notebook appear, inside which you can run Python scripts. Have a look through the introductory file and get a feel for how Python works.