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  • This class is centered around research. Your assignment will be set next week, and will be based around explaining to a group of small business leaders why they should hire you to create an app for their business. Start to think about what you will tell them. Below is a list of a few things to consider:

    • Costing:
    • What are the financial constraints of your client's business? How will you, the developer, make money as well?

    • Time:
    • How long will your app take to develop? Does your client have a time limit?

    • Benefits to the Client:
    • Why does your client need this? What if the business were a local plumber or a local sports club? How would the business benefit from your application?

    • Audience:
    • Who is your audience? Who will you be catering your app towards? Will it be for children or adults, tech-savvy or not?

    • Software & Hardware:
    • Which software will you use to create your app? How will you develop and test it? What are your hardware requirements? Does your app need hosting services? Is there an ongoing cost for this?

    • Platform:
    • Which platform will your application run on? Will it have to run on a web browser as well as a phone/tablet? Will it have an Alexa/Google Home skill attached to it?

    • Content Management System:
    • Your app must make use of a CMS. Decide which one you are likely to use. Think about usability and ease of use for your client. The idea is for the client to maintain the app themselves after you have developed it!! Therefore, you should choose a CMS which is easy to use and has lots of features.

    • Other Features:
    • Are there any other features your website will need which are not mentioned here? List them and discuss them in your document.

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