Lesson Resources:

  • Before downloading the files, make sure you have followed the instructions for downloading and installing installing MIT App Inventor Companion from Lesson 0. | Instructions

    • We will be using pre-prepared app code to introduce some basic concepts about app development, building on Lesson 0. | Download app files

    • Unzip the downloaded file and save the contents somewhere sensible.

    • Navigate to MIT App Inventor in your browser.

    • Click Create apps! in the top right hand corner.

    • Click Projects in the navigation bar and click 'Import project from my computer (.aia). Select the file that you downloaded.

    • Click Connect -> Emulator in the toolbar. If you get an error at this step, make sure you have followed the instructions here.
      • You may have to update some software on the emulator at this stage. Accept the updates and follow the instructions.

  • Congratulations! You have just created an app!

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